Steps to Become a Producer

At the Community Media Center we help our members produce media that is meaningful to them and their community.  To become a CMC Producer, follow these simple steps below!

Step 1: Orientation (free & open to the public)

If you are interested in becoming a member at the CMC, schedule an orientation and we will go over facility protocols for the first half (this includes how projects are completed, how to utilize and reserve facility space, etc) and then we go into the studio for the second half and get fun hands-on experience with basics of camera work and lighting.

Orientations and Basic Certifications are scheduled by appointment only.

Step 2: Become a Member!

CMC Members who have completed the Orientation & Basic Certification will have the opportunity to check out equipment, develop, produce and edit their own programs to air on Channel 19.  There are several type of memberships available click below to find the one that works best for you.

Become a Member Today!

Step 3: Basic Certification (free with paid CMC membership)

A CMC member can receive Basic Certifications in Field Production and Video Editing. Basic Field Production Certifications are scheduled every month after the orientation  Once certified with a paid membership, the member can reserve and use the CMC field cameras, microphones, lights, and community edit stations to produce their program. Video Editing Certifications are scheduled on an individual basis – please call the Volunteer Coordinator to schedule a Certification session.

  • Basic Field Production Certification – Learn how to use cameras, lights and microphones to create local television programming about your interests.

  • CMC members will be instructed on how to use field cameras, lights and microphones to put together basic programming. Each member will be trained and receive hands-on experience on proper camera set up and framing technique as well as basic audio and lighting principals and operations.

  • Basic Editing Certification – Learn how to take your footage and edit it together to create a story or package an event.

  • Introduction to Community Edit and Final Cut Pro. Members will learn the benefits of using hard drives and how to set and manage files for editing. They will also receive hands-on experience with editing their own footage in the Timeline sequence and using basic text graphics. Members must make a reservation to train for up to 3 editing sessions with the CMC Volunteer & Educational Coordinator.

Step 4: Attend our Workshops

You can obtain certification for more advanced CMC equipment and further your production skills with light kits, field video switchers, advanced editing programs/techniques.


Step 5: Reserve and Create!

You made it! Now its time to start creating your own content. Members have the opportunity to assist CMC staff in developing and producing exciting programs and projects to benefit the community and its non-profit partners.

To begin a project and reserve equipment, you must submit a Project Proposal Form.

Start Your Project Now!