My fond farewell to the CMC

Ryan Finn writes his last blog recapping his time as a sports intern at the Community Media Center of Carroll County.

As my senior year at Century High School comes to a close, so does my internship at our very own Community Media Center of Carroll County, a place where I gained numerous skills and relationships that I will have for my future as I attend Ohio University in the fall. 

Here today, I will recap my time at the CMC.


What I have enjoyed 

I would say that I have zero complaints here. The CMC has really provided me with a valuable experience in the field of journalism/broadcasting, something I am extremely passionate about.

Some big things I enjoyed was how I have given the opportunity to do things that I love. Whether it was interviewing athletes (some were friends of mine), writing weekly blogs, or creating voice-overs after games to be used for highlights packages, the CMC gave me that chance to help me get experience for my future. 


caden and jt

A downfall of the Internship 

Although having zero complaints about the actual internship, I do have just one thing that I did dislike -- Maryland weather. Over all the lacrosse games that CMSportsNet's Pat Stoetzer and I covered this year, the weather you could say was all over the place. 

In our first game this year, we covered a Century girls lacrosse game against Gerstell Academy. Most of the games that day were canceled because of bad weather, but that game was moved over to Western Regional Park in Howard County, which had a turf field.

The weather was as follows; 35-40 degree temperatures, with rain and wind throughout the whole game. Although bundled up, I was still freezing. I remember telling Pat I needed an extra pair of socks because my feet were so numb. 

Although more of an independent factor in the actual internship, the weather will always be something funny and tedious depending on the game. 



What I have learned 

With being at this internship for about four months, I have learned a lot. First off, the use of Excel in the office has been detrimental to keeping me organized. A huge thing that I have learned however is that it is OK to make mistakes. With a career in broadcasting, mistakes are going to happen. You might say a name incorrectly, get a statistic wrong, etc.

How you make those mistakes and turn them into learning experiences is something huge that I will cherish greatly from this internship. 



My mark at the CMC 

No words could describe how great this internship is. I have a lot of passion for journalism and broadcasting, and I am grateful that I could have a real, valuable working experience at an actual job. 

Thankful for the entire CMC staff for everything that they have done for me, and I hope to be back in the future.