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Interning at the Community Media Center is a great opportunity for any high school or college student in the field of video production, marketing, graphic design or IT. Our goal for each student at the conclusion of their internship is to leave with a working knowledge of how the real world operates and a portfolio that documents their hands-on experience. We offer internships to help students explore a variety of potential careers.

As a Audio/Video Production intern you will learn and
work with high-end professional video
equipment such as; field cameras and kits, nonlinear editing systems and much more. In addition, the Community Media Center has a fully functional video production studio. Feel free to contact the Community Media Center for additional information.

As a Marketing intern you will learn and work with marketing professionals to promote events, build an engaging online presence for the CMC, work with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You will also coordinate and plan events for and with the CMC.

As an Information Technology intern you will learn and gain experience with installing and maintaining computer software as well as troubleshooting high-end equipment and computer network systems.

Development interns will research grant opportunities, assist in writing grant proposals, help develop a donor communications plan, update/maintain CRM and other contacts and design fulfillment reports for our sponsors.

Your Intern Involvement may also include:

  • Instructional Time (i.e. learning the digital signage system, studio/switcher, programming, production or social media support.)

  • Supporting for the Production Staff ( recording, archiving, tagging digital content, camera operation or editing.)

  • Assisting with the production of public service or promotional announcements.

  • Conducting interviews and writing for web or social media.

Upon completion of the internship, the CMC advisor will submit an evaluation sheet documenting the hours, productions, work habits and accomplishments.

For more information, contact us or call 410-386-4415.

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