What it's like working the Special Olympics

Taking a deep dive into the Carroll County Public Schools' Spring Challenge for Special Olympics athletes!

On Wednesday, May 3, Westminster High School hosted the "Spring Challenge" for people with disabilities within Carroll County Public Schools to come and participate in various athletic events. 

Although it was a very cold, rainy day, these athletes still put out and enjoyed every bit of the events, regardless of the weather. 


Opening Ceremony 

The event started with its "opening ceremony," where each school would walk around the Ruby Field stadium track one by one, and be acknowledged by all of the parents and spectators in the bleachers. 

The ceremony was then followed by the playing of the national anthem from a marching band, and after that, it was time to "play ball" for the young athletes.




There were various athletic events that were on display for the kids to enjoy. There was basketball, baseball, obstacle course, kickball, etc. You name the sport, it was probably being played. 

My favorite event at the Spring Challenge had to have been the obstacle course. It was awesome to see the kids light up with smiles after completing the course. 



Closing Ceremony 

After all the events were finished, the athletes from different schools circled the track one more time, showered with cheers and applause while the marching band continued to play music.  

The events created a great memory for these kids. Seeing these kids participating and having fun made me really smile, and I am glad I got to be a part of making their day. 



COURTESY PHOTOS: Beth Flanagan, Century High School