Chamber Webinar: The 3 Circles Path

Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Webinar. The 3 Circles Path to Higher Achievement in Business, presented by Todd Burrier. What if you could systematically improve your performance and attractiveness in the marketplace? What if your employees could spend more time working in “the zone?” What would it be like to have a culture of peak performance with high trust? In this one-hour webinar, Todd will take you through how the 3 Circles Path leads to higher sustainable performance individually, and collectively, while enhancing leaders' ability to lead, and bring out the very best in the people they serve, and making their business an attractive destination for top talent. Todd Burrier is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, trainer, and author. He has worked with organizations of all sizes across the United States and Europe over the past 30 plus years. He is the author of “3 Circles Living” and other books, audios, and personal and professional development programs. His training expertise includes interpersonal skills, productivity skills, management, sales, and leadership. He has an international nutritional supplement business, and a Training and Coaching Business. His mission is to help people achieve their richest life possible. You can find him at

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